Prices and Promotions

Thanks for checking out our website.  We are here to offer you a range of fabulous options for reproducing your photos onto a canvas medium and creating your masterpiece ready to hang on your wall.

As a first option, we would like to receive your photos as digital images so that they are print-ready.  The “No Photoshopping rqd” prices below reflect this.  But if you have a photo that you need us to make into a digital image, or would like us to alter or photoshop the image in any way, the full “Photoshopped” prices will apply.  These are based on approximately one hour of touchups.

Sometimes you might like something a little special – so we suggest collages.  You can get a pile of photos onto your canvas in a range of layout options.  So if you would like a collage or special design changes, we will charge at $25 per hr for work done on top of printing charges.  But if you can do this yourself on either Photoshop or Picasa programmes and send the changed image to us, you will receive the discounted price.  I guess it all comes down to … the more you do the less you pay!!

Check out the shapes of stretched canvases – not all images suit a square canvas, or perhaps you have added several together and made it into a panoramic.  That’s cool too.  Maybe friends overseas would like a picture too but you are worried it might get damaged in transit.  Use our Rolled Canvas option – the print fits into a tube for overseas sending.   Let us know what we can do for you.  Email us today on